Glass Fibre Reinforced Cement/Concrete

We manufacture and supply architectural GRC cladding, panels, mouldings and components to your designs.
The use of GRC greatly reduces weight when compared to cast stone or pre-cast concrete elements and maintains the same aesthetic in the finished build. Making it more suitable on SFS or timber frame construction and where the units need to be removed from the critical path build programme.

We don’t have a standard range of GRC, everything is made to order, bespoke, for a specific project.

Please contact us with your drawings and spec and we will be happy to quote for all work.

If you would like more information on the products we can manufacture for you, or how we make them, then please get in touch using our contacts page. We can assist at all stages of design, from panel size and layouts, to fixing design and finished colours.

The GRCA have some excellent publications to help with further understanding how GRC can be used. Their website is